Phil Loring, Jr, CEPA

Phil Loring, Jr, CEPA

CEO | Wealth Advisor

Serving as CEO and as a wealth advisor, it is my honor to be a leader for my clients and team. I am dedicated to the path of prosperity for my clients. It’s about understanding your life’s goals, creating, then executing investment and financial strategies that not only build wealth for today but for multi-generational wealth tomorrow. Wherever my clients are financially in life, experience has taught me that it’s getting to know you, the client as a whole and then together, figuring out what your needs are.

Since 1998 I’ve been serving a variety of clients who desire direction and guidance. My job is not about picking stocks, but it is about building trust and a legacy. It’s about figuring out your desired outcome and then blazing that trail together. I serve you with an “outside-of-the-money-box” perspective to help you build a future and a legacy.

I manage behaviors and expectations as well as take care of peoples’ wealth with the best resources that I can. At the core, I am here so that you never have to worry about financial stability again.

My financial education started as a kid. While I watched half of my family work in restaurants and service-oriented fields, the other half were in finance and medicine. Early on, I learned the value of working for a paycheck, versus making money and using it to grow wealth.

Having a father who was a respected Colonel in the Airforce showed me the importance of discipline, commitment and service. That’s what I bring to my clients and to my team today.

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