Juliet Gusinde-Duffy

Juliet Gusinde-Duffy

Client Relations

Juliet started her journey with the company in 2022 as an intern and transitioned into a full-time position as Client Relations Specialist after graduating from college. Currently, she is focused on obtaining her full licensure, which will further enhance her ability to serve RTI Wealth’s clients effectively.

Juliet went to university in Ireland at University College Dublin, where she graduated with an Honors bachelor’s degree in commerce. Juliet’s educational background has provided her with a solid foundation in business and financial principles, allowing her to approach client relations with a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

Ever since Juliet can remember, family and friends have always described her as a "people person," and she has always enjoyed connecting with others. From her high school years onward, she immersed herself in customer-focused positions, spanning from food service to wedding planning. These experiences have honed her interpersonal skills and have reinforced her commitment to delivering exceptional service to others. 

Though Juliet is a Fort Collins native, she has also had the privilege of living in several states, which has broadened her perspective and appreciation for different cultures and people with varying backgrounds. In Juliet’s spare time, you'll often find her on the soccer pitch, indulging in her love for the sport. Additionally, she has always had a deep passion for animals and used to volunteer at the Guide Dog Foundation as a co-raiser. On Fridays, you might even have the chance to meet one of Juliet’s adorable "failure puppies," Ollie, who occasionally joins us in the office.

Coming from a large and close-knit family of seven, Juliet understands the value of strong familial bonds. This upbringing has instilled a sense of warmth, compassion, and empathy that Juliet brings to all interactions with clients at RTI Wealth. Furthermore, her mixed heritage, a blend of her English father and German mother has fostered her appreciation for diversity and inclusion.

Juliet is genuinely excited to be part of the RTI Wealth team, combining her expertise, passion for people, and commitment to exceptional service. Building lasting relationships with our clients and helping them achieve their financial goals with confidence is her top priority.