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Brian Collins

Brian Collins

Wealth Advisor

I love helping my clients get to the best financial place possible. As a wealth advisor, I have a passion for financial planning and being your problem solver, to put you and your life in the financial position you want it to be. Managing your risks and unforeseen challenges along the way, I am committed to going the extra mile to provide the best financial solutions possible. I strive to work with good hearted people, to listen, and to make a positive impact upon my clients’ individual needs and goals.

Whether you’re a steady earner who knows how to save, a business owner or a family looking to build your legacy, it doesn’t matter how much money you make, I am here to work with you and to help you get there.

Growing up, my father was an oil man who sometimes would have to leave in the middle of the night to fight a fire in the oil field. He taught us the value of hard work. My parents instilled in my brothers and I early on to use our brains, not our backs. I’ve taken those lessons, to build my career and help my clients today. We all work for money, but we often forget that money is a tool, and we need to make it work for us.

Financial literacy is extremely important to me in today’s society, and I am here to help you gain a better understanding of it so that I can help you create the life and wellbeing you desire.

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