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Will You be Proud or Have Regrets?

Will You be Proud or Have Regrets?

August 02, 2021
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I found myself asking my daughter today, "When you look back on your behavior during this time will you be proud or have regrets?" She is thirteen, it is impossible for her to comprehend the magnitude of what is unfolding (COVID). This is also question I have been asking myself over the past few weeks as I, like you try to comprehend and adjust to a situation we have little to no experience with. This is not easy. There will be challenges and there will be opportunities. We will learn valuable lessons, individually and as a nation, lessons that hopefully change our attitude and shape our children's attitude towards the importance of saving and investing for more secure financial positions.

Can we know what tomorrow brings in the market? No on does. Ever. We cannot predict the bottom or top. You can only be well diversified, within your risk tolerances to help you pursue your short and long-term goals.

Does this mean that you must go through this alone? Absolutely not! There is no one right way to navigate the markets. It must be done on an individual basis, that aligns with your personal or business financial plan and risk tolerances. As a Financial Advisor, I strive to be your advocate, both to help you define your financial path and provide reliable information and data, so that you can make informed choices that are suitable for you or your business